Lease Tennancy

Coming Summer 2018

Lease Tennancy

Refit Repair Sheds

Our brand new refit sheds will offer high clearance, clear span shades, ESFR sprinklers, office space, flexible tenancy plans to suit variety of users and access to a range of onside contractors.


We will offer Long term or short term leasing's on our hard stands where you can store all manner of vessels and vehicles including jet-ski’s, trailers, motor homes and larger boats up to 80ft 70tn.


Boatyard will offer a number of commercial space for lease with flexible payment arrangements. The commercial marina lease will give opportunity for tenants to operate boat brokerage, part sale, boat repair businesses, businesses associated with marina operation.


In our brand new Boatyard pricing we will offer a number of high Clarence sheds to suit all kind of manufacturing work. All sheds will be fitted with services needed to operate have machinery and will have direct access so suit large scale transport vehicles. Our aim it to offer Industrial space to businesses associated with marina operation.